Founding Fathers Black Hills

A young historian in the making


Budding historian 9-year-old Logan Duffy of Rapid City is holding a three-dimensional puzzle that’s a miniature version of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.  The real Independence Hall is where America’s Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, of course, but Rapid City will soon be getting its own reproduction of that famous historic building. Founding Fathers Black Hills will open this summer just past Reptile Gardens on Highway 16, six miles south of Rapid City.

Logan and his proud grandmother, who just happens to work as general manager of Founding Fathers, put the intricate puzzle together on a recent weekend. The 3-D puzzle, which will be available in the on-site retail gift shop, is an engineering feat in paper. Our Independence Hall: Home of the Founding Fathers Black Hills, will be an architectural gem of its own, complete with a 125-foot tall steeple and an aged brick exterior. Inside, visitors will find a life-size, three-dimensional sculptural rendition of John Trumbull’s famous painting, “Declaration of Independence” that will bring the signers of that document to life.  Please come visit us once we’re open and see for yourself. And if you need help constructing your 3-D puzzle, Logan is available for assistance!