About the Project

America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit – where America’s political genealogy begins.

Founding Fathers Black Hills | Declaration of IndependenceAt America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit you’ll find American history and amazing art intersecting in a celebration of the political courage displayed by the 56 men who dared to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Artist John Trumbull painted his idea of the first draft of the Declaration of Independence being presented by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston to their fellow members of the Second Continental Congress.  Now, a team of talented South Dakota artists has re-invented Trumbull’s iconic “Declaration of Independence” painting into a unique sculpture exhibit that is housed in a representation of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, complete with a 125-foot clock tower, near Rapid City.

Visitors will step back in history as they encounter Trumbull’s 47 American patriots, portrayed as both life-size historical symbols and multi-media sculptural works of art. A 20-minute audio presentation tells the amazing story of that extraordinary time, and the risks those men faced in pledging “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” to declare America’s independence from England.

America’s Founding Fathers Exhibit is located at 9815 S. Highway 16, just past Reptile Gardens on the road to Mount Rushmore National Memorial.