Founding Fathers Black Hills


In one of the closest votes in American political history, John Hancock defeated Benjamin Franklin in our weekly Founding Fathers contest by just one vote, 36 to 35.
Of course, the vote took place during the 75th annual Sturgis Rally, so it may have been heavily influenced by people wearing black leather and driving Harley Davidson motorcycles who were here on their Black Hills vacation of a lifetime. (more…)

What do the Bermuda Triangle and the Declaration of Independence have in common?
Mr. Thomas Lynch, that’s what. (more…)

Rally week’s Founding Fathers Contest at Independence Hall has John Hancock facing off against Benjamin Franklin.
Since the Sturgis Rally is upon us (officially the rally runs Aug. 3-9 but it started early this 75th anniversary year) we hope motorcyclists who stop at Founding Fathers Black Hills can help us decide (more…)

It’s Maryland against North Carolina in this week’s Founding Fathers Contest.
Charles Carroll, of Maryland, was the only Roman Catholic among the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Carroll has another distinction as well. He lived until the ripe old age of 95, and was the last living signer, dying in 1832.
William Hooper had a much shorter lifespan. He died of complications of malaria in 1790 at age 48. (more…)

This week’s Founding Fathers competition pits Elbridge Gerry, the signer who gave us the political term “gerrymandering,” against James Wilson, the signer who some historians call the “Architect of the U.S. Constitution.” (more…)