Founding Fathers Black Hills


If you’re a teacher of history or civics in the Black Hills and can only dream about a budget big enough to take  your students on a field trip to Philadelphia’s Independence Hall National Park, we’ve got an idea you might like.

Why not bring your classroom to an Independence Hall a bit closer to home?  Like right here in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota? (more…)

Most of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence trace their ancestry to England, of course, but there were three signers who hailed from another part of the British Isles: Ireland.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner tomorrow, March 17, it seems an appropriate day to remember the three Irish-born signers of the Declaration of Independence: George Taylor, James Smith and Matthew Thornton. (more…)

If you wanted to find the gravesite of Declaration of Independence signer Thomas Heyward, Jr., you’d have quite a hunt on your hands. Unlike more famous signers such as Benjamin Franklin or Benjamin Rush, who are buried in a prominent Philadelphia cemetery, Heyward’s grave lies in a lonely lane near the marshy ruins of a South Carolina plantation destroyed in the Civil War.


A belated 283rd Happy Birthday to George Washington, who was not only America’s first president but was also its first commander-in-chief.  Washington is considered, by the Masonic Order, to be America’s First Mason, as well.  George Washington: First in war, first in peace, first in the heart of America’s Masons.   (more…)

It’s the birthday of America’s 16th president today. Mr. Lincoln has more to do with Mount Rushmore than he did with writing the Declaration of Independence, of course, but here at Founding Fathers Black Hills, we like to think that he was a big fan of America’s famous birth certificate. In fact, Lincoln is credited by some historians (more…)