Founding Fathers Black Hills

Founding Fathers 2017


The 2017 season is off and running! We’re planning a few new things this year to make your experience here new and different.

First of all, we’re planning new activities ranging from colonial crafts and games to special speakers. You’ll be able to learn more about the Founding Fathers and the society in which they lived when you see it lived out. (I’m not sure if the staff here will ever get the hang of rolling trundling hoops, but we’re working on it.) You’ll discover the new activities when we post them on Facebook and when you stop by.

The flints are sharp on the black powder long rifles and they’ve been fired a lot so far this year. Learn about the gun – their history, how to load and fire them – and come away with a new appreciation of how difficult it was to fend off the enemy using one. There’s not much recoil, and the flash-bang of a muzzle loader is a lot of fun to experience.

The gift shop is stocked with new book titles this year so you can learn more about the Revolutionary War period. There are also educational materials for kids.

Finally, I’d like to personally welcome you when you visit any time between 10am and 5pm.

Chris Orr
General Manager