Founding Fathers Black Hills

Hancock v. Franklin: Who would ride a Harley?


Rally week’s Founding Fathers Contest at Independence Hall has John Hancock facing off against Benjamin Franklin.
Since the Sturgis Rally is upon us (officially the rally runs Aug. 3-9 but it started early this 75th anniversary year) we hope motorcyclists who stop at Founding Fathers Black Hills can help us decide

which of these two famous founding fathers would make the best biker: Hancock or Franklin?
Franklin the famous inventor would make a great biker, we think, since he loved all things mechanical. Surely he would have been fascinated by the motorcycle engine?
Hancock would have certainly owned a Harley if they had been invented during his lifetime, since he had a penchant for all the latest and most expensive items you could own. And he liked big things, most notably his own famous signature on the Declaration of Independence.
We suppose Franklin has the advantage, since he was more famous than any other American in his day — even George Washington. Franklin was known throughout Europe for his inventions and his writings long before he ever signed the Declaration of Independence or became the first postmaster general of America — which he did in 1775. If you’ve got complaints about your mail delivery, you can probably blame it on Franklin, since he instituted much of the U.S. Postal Service that we still know today. Pretty impressive for the son of a poor candle maker.
John Hancock
Hancock was born to wealth, and he made even more money during his lifetime. Even though he had a lot to lose by supporting independence, he was immersed in the patriots’ cause from the beginning.
We’d have a tough time voting this week!

Charles Carroll of Carrollton handily won last week’s contest over William Hooper of North Carolina by 20 votes, 53 to 33. Carroll’s popularity surprised us a bit, since as the only Roman Catholic among the signers of the Declaration, he was definitely a minority of one. Or maybe a high percentage of visitors to Founding Fathers Black Hills are
Catholic. Whatever the reasons, congratulations to Mr. Carroll.